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What is superyachting?

Superyachts are owned by wealthy individuals, who use the superyacht much like a summer house. Although the number of guests on board a superyacht (standard between 12-14) remains the same regardless of the size of the yacht, the number of crew can vary. Yachts can be anything from 30 meters to 130 meters, and a smaller yacht can have about 7 crew members, while a larger yacht can have up to 40 crew members onboard.

A superyacht is like a luxury hotel on the ocean, where the focus is on giving guests the best possible service and experience during their time onboard. It is often said that the yachts "chase the sun", which gives you as a crew on board the opportunity to travel to fantastic and exotic places. Popular destinations for yachts are the Mediterranean in the summer, and the Caribbean in the winter!

The most common entry positions on board a yacht are junior stewardess or junior deckhand. As a stewardess, you are involved in taking care of the interior of the yacht, and tasks can be divided into three sections - service, housekeeping and laundry. Service means that you are involved in making nice table decorations, making drinks, serving during meals and such. Housekeeping involves making beds, vacuuming cabins and cleaning. Laundry involves washing both guests' and crew's clothes.

As a deckhand, you are involved in taking care of the outside of the yacht. You drive the smaller escort boats, help if a guest wants to go water skiing, scrub the deck, maintain and repair the outside, paint, throw ropes when the yacht docks, and the like. 

If you have experience from another industry you might also be able to bring these skills onboard, and work in a combined role. On the exterior side, common “specialist areas" are usually carpenter / deckhand, personal trainer / deckhand, machinist / deckhand. On the interior side special skills within beauty are very popular, but also nurses, personal trainers, yoga instructors, nannys and such. 

It is a flexible job in the sense that you can work permanently (until you resign), a season, or shorter contracts for a shorter period. The starting salary is about 2500 - 3000 euro/month, an if you work on charter yachts you also have the opportunity to get generous sums with tips. It can be as much as SEK 3000 euro for a week's charter!

You are yachting material!

The introduction course that will prepare you for the job onboard

Without the right information and the right tools, yachting can feel like a complicated industry to get a foothold in. There is no, or very little, information in Swedish, and it is easy to take unnecessary detours that can easily be avoided if you have the right knowledge from the beginning. Yachting Sweden has therefore put together a one-day course where we go through in detail the information you need to get your first job on board as quickly and smoothly as possible. We go through exactly what you can expect from the industry, and what the industry will expect from you. We help you with your CV according to industry standards, and use our own wide network of contacts to make it easier for our course participants all the way. After completing the course, question marks may arise along the way, then we are always available to sort these out. With our introductory course, you will get all the info and tools you need to be able to land your first job!

"The course is not only informative but also fun where you meet other people who are also interested in the industry"


"I Recommend this course to everyone who are thinking about joining yachting. Such nice girls that are running this company, they will provide you with all the information you need!"


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