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CV-guide e-book (English)


The CV-guide is the ultimate handbook when writing your yachting-CV. Yachting-CVs requires a specific struture, and this guide is filled with information on how you nail it.


This guide is a support take with you when writing your yachting CV. The yachting industry have very specific and high requests when it comes to how the CV is designed, which is why this guide is great to use as support to create the perfect CV. 

  • Review of all sections in a yachting CV
  • The CV picture
  • Listed “transferable skills” that the yachts wants you to highlight if you have no experience
  • Personal profile/objective – instructions and examples
  • Cover letter – instructions and examples
  • If you are looking for several roles, or have a “special skill” – instructions and examples
  • Examples and instructions on how to formulate yourself in an email when applying
  • CV tips from Swedish Chief Stewardess Bella
  • CV tips from Swedish First Officer Robin
  • General tips and tricks, how to stand out from the crowd and think “outside the box”
  • Tips on how to boost your CV
  • Tips and tricks around the design program Canva

    Number of pages: 25


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