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Stewardess guide e-book (English)


Your complete handbook when working as a stewardess on a yacht. Covers housekeeping, service and laundry. 75 pages with tips, trix and tutorials will give you the confidence and make you impress on your first day.


The stewardess guide will take you through the basics of service, housekeeping and laundry onboard a superyacht. This is the perfect guide to bring on board your first job and it will make you impress on your first day. Filled with tutorials, tips and trix that will give you a great idea of all aspects in the role as a stewardess – before you even had your first job. 

  • Service: Table setting, decorations, barista, cocktails, different types of serivce, how to manage a pantry, napkin folds.
  • Housekeeping: products & materials, turn downs & turn ups, bedding, toilet paper origami, towel folds, detailing.
  • Laundry: The system in the laundry room, products and stain removal, ironing, folding.
  • With guests and without guests on board.
  • Salary and hierarchy.
  • Tips & tricks from Chief Stewardess Bella- How to impress when new on board.
    Number of pages: 71“I have not even read the entire stewardess guide, but it is SO GOOD! I love it! You really bring EVERYTHING that you as a new person sit and think about and that you wonder how it goes. Everything is really super concrete and it is so appreciated “You feel really calm now and feel that you get a greater insight into life on board as a stew. So heavenly well, keep reading now!” – Melissa Villanueva, course participant 2019


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